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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Proposal

The backstory is that Andrew is now 12 And A Half and he feels strongly that he should have say in his hairstyle. What he doesn't know is that I have absolutely no problem with this within some reason - which he appears to still have. If he wants to go extremely long or get a hot pink mohawk we might need to discuss it first but really, in the end, I'm a pick your battles mom and I'm just not sure hair is something I'm willing to draw a line in the sand over.

His shorterish hair has grown out over the summer and his sideburns are getting close to being able to be braided so I mentioned that we might need a back to school cut soon. I could sense the panic. He doesn't want the standard 2 on the sides and 4 on top that his brothers still blindly go along with and he's once again started working me over to get to keep some length. So, I play along. Sure we can keep the top long, but not too long (**wink, wink**), No, you don't have to get the sides buzzed but I think we need to hack back those sideburns, etc.
A few minutes ago, he came to me with a proposal. "It's a win win, Mom. You have to hear me out." Sure. "You let me keep a little bit on top and a little bit of bangs. I'll get the back and sideburns trimmed a bunch and I'll give you this pen that Dane (a friend) gave me! See? It looks like a highlighter but see the hole in the middle of the highlighter part? If you twist the barrel, a pen come up through the middle. Isn't that so cool? You can have it if I don't have to cut all my hair off!!"

It is pretty cool... Thank goodness hair grows. I wonder what other cool things he's hiding in his room?


Blogger Amy said...

I'd take that proposal:)

November 16, 2007 6:22 AM  
Blogger sheri said...

oh my gosh, that's hilarious!

November 18, 2007 9:37 PM  

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